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Prayers for Damar Hamlin

I was finishing up watching an episode of Dateline prior to flipping the channel over to the Monday night football game featuring the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. As soon as I switched the channel, they were talking about the ambulance being on the field. As I continued to watch and listen, I learned that Damar Hamlin was being attended to and given CPR on the field from an injury sustained making a tackle. It put a lump in my throat.

I am not hugely into sports. I played baseball and golf in high school. I tried football and it just was not my fort√©. I watch football, baseball, and NASCAR. I feel like I follow my teams but I could not really tell you who is on many other teams. However, it does not take a die-hard football fan to feel pain for this guy. I looked him up. He’s 24 years old. 24. I pray he is well and I pray he recovers quickly. Absolute love for the trainers and EMTs who worked on him and performed CPR.

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